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Maull's Barbecue Sauce is the main product of the Louis Maull Company, begun in St. Louis, Missouri by Louis Maull in 1897 when he began selling groceries out of a horse-drawn wagon. The company was incorporated in 1905 as the Louis Maull Cheese and Fish company, which wholesaled cheese and fish to St. Louis restaurants and grocery stores from a downtown storefront at 8th and Spruce Streets in St. Louis. The company began manufacturing food in 1920 and introduced a line of Maull's-branded condiments .

In 1926, Louis Maull created a recipe for barbecue sauce that people liked very much. They told their friends about it and, little by little, with very little fanfare (and no advertising), the word about "Maull's" barbecue sauce spread. As years went by, it became more and more popular, and the demand eventually increased to the point that the company had to devote itself almost exclusively to making barbecue sauce. That continues to be the case today. .

In 1997, the Louis Maull Company celebrated its 100th Anniversary. It's a tribute to a man who founded a family business, that's still a family business, which has survived all these years competing with big national-brand companies.